César Iglesias owns a Crescent Former technology paper mill, which begins operations in October 2010, with a capacity to produce 14,000 tons of toilet paper, napkins and towels annually.
It is staffed by highly specialized and trained personnel in the paper manufacturing processes, with 100% national labor force. It manages production and quality standards according to international regulations (TAPPI) covering the technical needs of any type of requirement within the Tissue sector. César Iglesias expresses his concern for the care of the environment by having a treatment plant on the effluents of the paper mill, thus ensuring the return of the waters to the river, in the same or better characteristics than those received.
Our objectives are directed towards the search for excellence and quality of processes and products, which makes us national and regional market leaders, thanks to the acquired technology, with a high level of international competitiveness.

It is the only state-of-the-art paper mill in the Dominican Republic used in the manufacture of Jumbo Rolls that are used as raw materials for finished product converting plants.  

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