Karma is a ready-to-drink drink, made from rum, to delight the most demanding palates looking for practical, great-tasting and quality drinks.

Talking about Karma is talking about a drink aimed at young and practical people. Its combination of flavors is pleasing to the palate of those who consume it and, best of all, it is a drink that is ready to drink at any time. In this way, we offer our consumers the opportunity to spend time with friends without sacrificing time preparing drinks. Our goal is that they can enjoy the party accompanied by Karma.

Under the motto: “Every good deed has its reward”, the new drink, ready to toast, comes in a 12-ounce can and will be available in three flavors launch: Mojito, Piña Colada and Mango Daiquiri.

“We are innovating the alcoholic beverages market by placing differentiated products for the consumer segment we are targeting, we hope to strengthen the ready-to-drink segment in the country. With Karma, we believe that if you do well, you will have good results.”